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Swift Law Firm, LLC has the experience you want and need for your real estate transactions and contracts. Now, more than ever, it is important for you to have a qualified attorney look over your legal contracts. Whether you are selling or purchasing residential or commercial property, we can help ensure the wording in the contract is legal and you are not being scammed out of your money.

Get help with the deed to your home

If your property is not deeded to someone and you need help doing so, our team of professionals can help. It is important to ensure that your assets and home will go where you want them to; should something happen to you.

Get help understanding landlord / tenant laws

Renting a home to someone and leasing a home from a landlord means paperwork and legal contracts. Although the process seems easy, when things go wrong, they can get dirty quickly. Swift Law Firm, LLC is here to protect you and help you understand the tenant and landlord laws.


We can look over your lease and ensure it is properly written and structured.

We provide legal real estate help

  • Property tax appeals

  • Landlord / tenant matters

  • Commercial transactions

  • Residential transactions

  • Contracts

  • Deeds and more

Do not get stuck in a one-sided contract. Let the attorneys at Swift Law Firm, LLC help you today.



We also serve Atlantic and Cape May Counties

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